Sport tracking service
New and advanced tracking device
  • small size - 44x43x20 mm
  • lightweight - 40 g (without holder)
  • water resistant - IP 67
  • precise positioning - GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU
  • SOS button - received SOS signal is displayed on the tracking page
Universal device mounting
  • on the arm - using sports-friendly non-slip rubber (suitable for all sports)
  • on the belt - using plastic holder (suitable for all sports)
  • on the bicycle frame - using plastic straps
  • on the map holder straps - using plastic holder
  • in the pocket - suitable for all sports
Responsive interface. Suitable for:
  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • computer
  • tv
  • projector
Features for organizers
  • quick help from oTracker
  • map control - organizers can switch on/off map during tracking
  • display of system parameters:
    • battery level
    • amount of satellites
    • GSM signal level
  • advertising - displaying logos and banners on the event page
  • private events - event data is not publishing
Features for users
  • real-time event tracking (LIVE)
  • event history replaying (REPLAY REAL)
  • synchronized event history replaying (REPLAY SYNC)
  • ability to change playing speed
  • different map types
    • image - orienteering, multisport, rogaining
    • satellite - multisport, rogaining, running (separate or with an image)
    • street - multisport, rogaining, running (separate or with an image)
  • competitors list filtering by club/group/country
  • additional competitors data - e.g. course variation
  • ability to find competitor
  • ability to track competitor - map follows competitor automatically
  • dynamic elements personalization
    • customization of marker color, size, letters size
    • customization of track length, width, opacity
    • ability to change opacity of images and background maps
Upcoming updates:
  • ability to upload tracks from sport watches
  • ability to create events without real-time tracking. Relevant for recreational events
  • mobile app